Page 63 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   Demographers estimate that the world population rose to about 2,700 millions souls in

                   1955, that it was over 3 milliards in 1962 and that it will double before the end of the

                                                          *      *

                     The preceding considerations assume their full importance when one tries to gauge
                   the effects they produce on the terrestrial transmitting station of cosmic energy.

                     Though  the  global  intensity  of  the  transmission  has  increased  in  considerable

                   proportions  during  the  course  of  contemporary  history,  the  spectrum  of  energies

                   transmitted towards the extremity of the Ray of Creation is still incomplete. It lacks a
                   massive  share  of  psychic  energies  of  the  finest  quality,  above  all,  of  an  emotive  and

                   spiritual  order.  Only  man's  evolution  can  guarantee  a  transmission  which  suffices

                   qualitatively and quantatively. The growth of the human being having reached its term,

                   his evolution, now, is bound to his development. The latter is, essentially, a process of
                   refinement which should help him bridge the gap between knowing and understanding.

                   Let  us  take  an  example:  recent  scientifical  discoveries  have  enabled  man  to  launch

                   certain  instruments  into  space.  According  to  the  positions  allotted  to  them,  these

                   devices serve as a new link between the Earth and the Tessaracosmos, or between the
                   Earth  and  the  Mesocosmos.  This  is  an  important  step  forward  which  not  only

                   contributes to the full realization of the Ray of Creation, but also serves
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