Page 67 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   In our actual state, we are incapable of sensing or even imagining the nature, splendour

                   and  power  of  this  absolute  spiritual  Love  which,  on  reaching  the  Deuterocosmos,
                   receives the emotive and psychic support brought by Absolute II. The DO of the lateral

                   octave,  whose  force  attains  the  whole  of  the  planetary  world,  is  responsible  for  the

                   resonance of this psychic, celestial Love which penetrates and exalts organic life, thus

                   vivifying the entire Earth. To this, is added later, the Love proceeding from Absolute III,
                   that is terrestrial, carnal Love. The latter rules over the Tritocosmos in the form of sexual

                   energy in the entire gamut of its manifestation, thus ensuring the reproduction of the


                     In  these  three  forms,  Love  attains,  envelops  and  gives  Life  to  the  whole  Universe.
                   Noumenon, a direct and independent emanation of the Absolute, Love rules without

                   any restrictions. But man tries constantly to subject this noumenal force to serve the

                   Personality  which  belongs  to  the  phenomenal  category.  How  many  marriages  are

                   dictated  by  ambition  or  other  social  considerations.  This  attitude  is  sacrilegious  for,
                   Creation being founded on Love, every outrage against Love is an outrage against God.

                   And Tradition tells us that God loves to the point of jealousy. One can even say that the

                   utilization of Love for practical ends breaks the universal equilibrium at a certain point,

                   for it transposes to an egotistical plane that, which in essence, belongs to the higher
                   planes.  In  these  conditions,  it  is  not  surprising  that  blasphemy  against  Love  leads  to

                   dreadful situations, to moral
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