Page 68 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 68


                   bankruptcy and even to crime.  Now, let us summarize what has been said:

                     The  three  currents  of  Love,  which  are:  spiritual  Love  emanating  from  Absolute  I,

                   psychic Love emanating from Absolute II and carnal Love emanating from Absolute III,
                   permeate all organic life on Earth.

                     But,  man  alone  possesses  the  faculty  of  intercepting  and  experiencing  all  of  these

                   currents. However, man is able to seize and experience psychic Love, Christ’s Love, only
                   in proportion to the progressive formation of the magnetic centre within him, and of the

                   incorporation  of  this  centre  by  the  higher  emotive  centre.  And  before  being  able  to

                   accede to spiritual Love, that of the Holy Spirit, man has to attain the development of

                   the higher intellectual centre, over and above that of the higher emotive centre. The

                   man without who is dominated by his unfinished Personality can accede to Love only on
                   the plane pertaining to Absolute III: for even though the other two currents flit through

                   him,  he  is,  generally,  incapable  of  intercepting  them.  So,  it  is  impossible  for  him  to

                   imagine  their  intrinsic  nature.  But,  on  the  plane  of  Absolute  III,  he  intercepts  and
                   experiences  Love:  for,  on  this  plane,  the  sexual  centre  helps  him  to  absorb  and  to

                   radiate  the  creative  energy  which  ensures  procreation.  This  Love,  however,  carries  a

                   promise, a thread of Ariane: by altering his attitude towards it, by suppressing its bestial

                   aspect, man can fight against the current and come to the top. But this transformation is
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