Page 73 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     Man recognizes this fact implicitly by his profound understanding of sincere passions.

                   Art  and  literature  abound  in  hymns  dedicated  to  human  love.  When  the  theme  of  a
                   work  deals  with  the  conflict  between  a  great  passion  and  social  imperatives,  the

                   triumph of duty may win our mental approbation, but our hearts do not subscribe to

                   this  sentiment.  When  a  jury  acquits  the  perpetrator  of  a  "passionnal  crime",  it  is

                   because  it  wants  to  recognize  the  transcendent  nature  of  passionate  Love  over  and
                   above  the  particular  case  in  question.  Esoterism  shows  the  source  of  the  error

                   committed then by the jury. The reason is that they is that they attribute to human Love

                   the character of passionate love which binds us to the animal world by its fall from LA to

                   SOL of the lateral octave. However, the animal does not have any control over facts, nor
                   over  his  attitude  towards  facts.  The  man  without  has  no  hold  over  facts  either  -  for

                   example,  the  adultery  that  was  the  cause  of  the  crime.  But  he  is  responsible  for  his

                   attitude  towards  the  facts  because  he  is  endowed  with  an  intellectual  centre  and,

                   therefore, with a critical spirit and, also, because he participates in the LA of the lateral
                   octave. This responsibility is the foundation of the doctrine of sin.

                     Apart from the general ends it has to serve, animal love is a means and not an end to

                   the human being. Above all, it should enable him to cross over from the  procreative

                   stage  to  the  creative  stage.  We  have  explained  already  the  respective  roles  of  the
                   woman and the man in this
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