Page 76 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   wing this natural course, a pulsation of organic life results, for the inversion of the curve,

                   from one hemisphere to the other, is not resolved by a total compensation: the extent
                   of cultivated lands and the density of the population clearly turn the scale in favour of

                   the northern hemisphere which, as a result, intercepts and emits more radiations.

                     The alternation of day and night plays a role also, especially with regard to the quality

                   of the radiations. The day is consecrated, above all, to mundane life, to action, with all
                   the  negative  emotions  it  often  entails;  the  night  to  private  life,  where  more  positive

                   emotions tend to reign.

                     These  two  movements  are  responsible  for  the  creation  of  a  special  mode  of

                   absorption of the solar energies which reach organic life after having gone through all
                   the  transformations  that  occur  in  the  heart  of  the  atmosphere.  Besides,  the  solar

                   energies meant for the Earth, follow their own rhythm, in which the rotation of the Sun

                   on its own axis plays a primordial role. Among the energies received from the Sun, one

                   must not forget those which reach our planet after having been reflected by its satellite.
                   Here, the complexity of the rhythms and the shaded influence it exercises over organic

                   life are more evident. This influence is so striking that men who live in constant contact

                   with nature seem to take it always into consideration.

                     These summary indications hardly give a precise idea
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