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                   of the complexity of the pile of energies that organic life receives and to which it reacts

                   constantly.  Nevertheless,  they  provide  us  with  a  notion  of  this  complexity  and  the
                   variety of the levels of energy which it calls forth. This concerns the quantitative aspect;

                   but the qualitative element is of no less importance. The variations are as numerous in

                   this domain as well: apart from all book-knowledge, we know by experience that there

                   is a difference in the influence that solar rays exercise on the human organism when the
                   latter is directly exposed to them or when it is exposed to the very same rays reflected

                   by the Moon.

                     Organic  life  acts  as  a  vast  laboratory  towards  this  pile  of  energies  it  receives.  The

                   extent of transformations undergone by solar energies on our planet is considerable. It
                   is  even  more  so  because  life  appears  in  more  complex  forms  and  because  the

                   interaction  of  psychic  and  physical  elements  assumes  a  greater  importance.  These

                   transformations  then  combine  to  concoct  finer  and  finer  energies.  This  qualitative

                   aspect has important repercussions on the general movement of expansion of the Ray
                   of Creation and also on the personal evolution of human beings; and, by the latter, on

                   the rest of organic life. We will have the occasion to consider one aspect in the chapter

                   on nutrition.

                     Once  the  solar  or  cosmic  radiations  are  transformed  by  organic  life,  they  are  re-
                   transmitted to our satellite and the transmitter is chiefly that part of the Earth that is

                   not lighted by the Sun. Here is a new application of the law of analogy. According to

                   Tradition, each cosmos
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