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                   rigorously  directs  its  radiations  towards  the  following  cosmos  which  it  is  charged  to

                   vivifying: and, even as solar energies are projected individually towards each planet of

                   the system and not in all directions in space, in the same way, the energies emanated by
                   the  Earth  are  directly  oriented  towards  its  satellite.  Broadly  speaking,  this  is  the

                   mechanism  of  transmission.  As  a  laboratory,  the  main  function  of  organic  life,  is  to

                   operate  a  transformation  of  the  energies  that  reach  it  -  transformation  which  takes
                   place essentially under the impulsion of Absolute III. Amongst all the species living on

                   Earth,  only  man,  by  reaching  towards  objective  love,  can  appreciably  improve  the

                   energies  received  from  this  force.  The  fine  energies  possess  great  power  and  play  a

                   catalytic role in the process of development of the Ray of Creation.


                                                          *      *

                     We  repeat  that  this  development  tends  essentially  towards  the  vivification  of  our

                   satellite,  through  the  refinement  of  organic  life  on  Earth.  The  Scriptures  give  certain

                   indications concerning the duration of this transformation. An exegesis of Psalm LXXI

                   (LXXII in the Vulgate and Louis Segond) enables us to interpret the first seven verses as

                   King David's vision of life on Earth during the era of the Holy Ghost, when the righteous
                   shall flourish. The end of this happy era is indicated in a precise manner:

                     And abundance of peace until the Moon shall be carried away .

                       Carried away is a literal translation of the Slavonic text
                   from  the  original  French  version.  One  finds  in  Louis  Segond’s  text:  until  there  is  no  Moon
                   whatsoever. It is interesting to note that this Psalm ends by these words: end of the prayers of
                   David, Son of Isaiah.
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