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                   sphere.  These  radiations  fill  in  the  space  between  the  Earth  and  the  Moon  in  direct

                   proportion to the power of the transmitting-station. The growth of this power tends to
                   create  more  and  more  of  a  difference  of  potential  between  the  regular  radiation

                   received from the Sun and the variable radiations emitted by our planet which tends to

                   create  an  atmosphere  and  a  magnetic  field  around  the  Moon.  The  existence  of  this

                   envelope will enable solar radiation to exercise a direct influence over the Moon, as it
                   does over the Earth. It will be the birth of the cosmic foetus having reached the end of


                     The  growth  of  this  difference  of  potential  will  bring  about,  on  another  hand,  an

                   acceleration of the lunar rotation on its axis: the new-born cosmos will take its place
                   among the living planets: this is the transformation into blood foreseen by King David. It

                   will  then  move  out  of  its  orbit  around  the  Earth:  according  to  Scriptures,  it  will  be

                   carried away.

                     Having accomplished its task of vivifying the Moon, the Earth, also, will cross over into
                   a new stage of its evolution: it will leave the Mesocosmos in order to enter into the

                   Deuterocosmos as a new Sun. It will shine with its own splendour and, because of this,

                   our  actual  Sun  will  not  shine  on  it  any  longer  as  it  does  now.  It  will  be  illuminated

                   directly by the ineffable light from the heights of the Protocosmos. This is the meaning
                   of King David's vision, in which he saw the Sun turned into darkness.

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