Page 81 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 81


                     Now  that  we  know  the  process  by  which  the  Ray  of  Creation  is  transformed  and

                   enlarged, it is useful to emphasise the role that organic life and man, in particular, play
                   in these transformations.

                     In the whole Universe, at all levels, life goes through the same stages of conception,

                   birth, growth, and finally development. Concerning organic life on Earth, the first two

                   stages  have  been  covered,  even  though  life  is  a  constant  renewal.  The  accent  is,  of
                   course, on growth and development. But, for the role our planet should fill, especially

                   for the vivification of its satellite, these two factors are, today, of unequal importance,

                   with regard to the efficacity of the transmitting-station.

                     The considerable transformations undergone by all flora and fauna, thanks to man,
                   imply  important  qualitative  modifications.  From  this  point  of  view,  and  even  though

                   growth continues, it is permitted to speak of development within the notes FA and SOL

                   of the lateral octave. This growth and development are the conditions for the expansion

                   of the human race which is taking place, now, at a pace which no human will seems
                   capable  of  thwarting.  Neither  historians  who  dissert  that  the  alarming  growth  in  the

                   world  population  is  the  cause  of  armed  conflicts,  nor  Malthusians  with  their  dark

                   warnings,  nor  the  anxiety  displayed  by  organizations  responsible  for  the  growth  of

                   natural resources, nor the propaganda launched by certain governments in favour of
                   birth  control,  seem  to  meet  with  any  response;  at  any  rate,  their  efforts  have  not

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