Page 82 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   any efficacious results.

                     The growth of the population, in geometrical progression, tends to place the accent
                   definitely on the LA of the lateral octave.

                     But it is necessary to insist on another point. Man disposes of a keyboard of energies

                   which has expanded considerably during the contemporary period and at a pace which

                   follows a geometrical progression also. The classification of natural resources should be
                   enlarged very soon, to include energies tapped directly from the atmosphere or even

                   from beyond. Positive science puts many methods at man's disposal which widen his

                   field of activity prodigiously. Because of the progress made in electronics, he disposes

                   now, not only of natural tools and machines, but of "intellectual" tools as well. The exact
                   scope of these means is still incalculable where the power of the transmitting-station is


                     When we consider man's role from this angle, we must not forget that, apart from

                   the  quantitative  element,  there  exists  the  element  of  transformation  which  plays  an
                   essential  role  with  regard  to  the  quality  of  energies  in  their  final  form.  Now,  the

                   multiplication of human activities, ranging from the substratum to space, not only calls

                   forth  new  energies  but,  still  more,  makes  them  undergo  a  transformation  which

                   modifies the quality of the radiations emitted by our planet. We perceive, now, the role
                   that man plays, indirectly, by taking in charge and manipulating a greater and greater

                   variety of energies. But one must con-
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