Page 83 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   sider man himself as a machine for transforming energies. The span of human life has

                   augmented  greatly  during  the  last  century.  Human  activity,  in  all  domains,  including
                   sexual life, surpasses the limits considered as normal even at the beginning of the XIXth.

                   century. We have here a constantly increasing source of energy of a very special nature

                   which should play an essential role in the development of our Ray of Creation.

                                                          *      *

                     Without  any  false  conceit,  we  must  admit  that  man's  responsibility  has  increased

                   considerably during the contemporary period. And this responsibility is growing all the
                   time.  The  industrial  revolution  of  the  XIXth.  century  marked  the  beginning  of  the

                   transition between the periods of growth and development of organic life. And though

                   this transition is still lasting, we may say that development really began at the stage

                   when atomic energy came into use.
                     Even though the interval between FA and MI of the Great Octave is not entirely filled

                   in yet, the note MI of the lateral octave has started to resound. According to the law of

                   analogy which is applied to all development, the full resonance of this note should be

                   marked by the appearance and development of new aptitudes in man. The Mixtus Orbis
                   nature  of the  environment  in  which  he  lives  and  which  is  a reflection  of his  state  of

                   being, however slows down this blossoming. The clearing of the interval
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