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                   of the Great Octave and the amplification of the MI of the lateral octave, at the end,

                   should happen concurrently. And interdependent, both depend on the moral evolution
                   of man. One can understand, now, the importance of conscious efforts which lead to

                   the  formation  of  a  veritable  elite,  transformed  by  the  renewing  of  the  mind ,  and
                   capable of ensuring the full development of organic life with the consequences that this

                   development  entails.  At  the  human  level,  these  consequences  are  immense.  They
                   involve not only the clearing of one stage in the expansion of our Ray of Creation, but

                   still more, the possibility for the whole of humanity to attain what the Scriptures call the


                                                          *      *

                     It is possible that the perspectives of cosmic evolution as they are exposed here may

                   be regarded with some reserve by certain people. They may see in it, nevertheless, a

                   new theory on the birth of stars, of planets and of their satellites, a theory which may be
                   added to those that exist  already since not one of them has been able to meet with

                   unanimous approval. This attitude can be called one of positive scepticism, where the

                   scholar  keeps  an  open  mind  to  all  theories  which  experimentation  has  not  yet

                     In fact, positive science admits that it knows little of the life of the cosmos, of what

                   one may call its

                       Romans, XII, 2 and Ephesians, IV, 23.
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