Page 85 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 85


                   physiology,  if  one  considers  it  in  its  totality  as  a  living  being  or  as  a  group  of  living


                     Doubtless, this is one of the domains in which Virchow's ignorabimus confirms most
                   clearly the limits of human intelligence.

                     Really learned men are humble. They know their limits. Their view is not dazzled by

                   the  fulgurant  progress  made  by  technology.  They  readily  admit  that  positive  science
                   comes  up  against,  or  is  on  the  point  of  coming  up  against,  barriers  that  may  be

                   impossible to clear.

                     The most recent soundings made in the cosmos often bring us face to face with an

                   unforeseeable  novelty  which,  sometimes,  contradicts  the  calculations  and  theories
                   made by science .
                     The preceding expose on the development of our Ray of Creation is not founded on

                   human experiments: its source is Revelation.

                     Man's intelligence is confined within the limits imposed on him by his state of being;
                   but it would be wise of him to renounce trying to divorce science from religion. Such a

                   separation can only deprive us of unlimited Spiritual resources.

                     One may notice a definite change of attitude with

                       In the domain of theory, one may quote the variations of temperature in interplanetary
                   space. Science does not seem to have foreseen the inversion of the solar magnetic field; and
                   yet, according to Dr. D. Babcock of the Palomar laboratory, the event happened in the course of
                   the years 1957-1958.
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