Page 86 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 86


                   regard to this problem. It is an encouraging fact; to know and admit our limits is the best

                   way of transcending them.
                     It is possible to break through these limits. The educated man of our day is superior to

                   the homo sapiens fossilis. His knowledge is far more widespread. If he crosses over now

                   to  the  stage  of  development,  such  as  esoterism  conceives  it,  and  if,  from  the  man
                   without,  he  changes  into  the  inward  man ,  he  will  cross  the  road  that  leads  to  the
                   know-how. He will really become homo faber. His state of being and his condition will

                   be as different from his actual state as the latter is different from that of our ancestor of

                   the ice age. He should not refuse this opportunity which is offered him, and which he

                   can gain by conscious and assiduous efforts. For a refusal may bring into question the
                   whole principle of Equilibrium, which burns the vine-branches and cuts down the tree

                   which does not bring forth any fruit.

                        Romans, VII, 22.
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