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                   put off the old man . And this, entirely. We must be initiated, no longer symbolically,
                   but  through  a  whole  interior  communion  with  the  mystery  of  Golgotha:  the  human

                   heart crucified, to die, at first, in order to be resurrected later.
                     The  resurrection  appears,  thus,  as  man’s  last  end  if  he  pledges  himself

                   wholeheartedly to consciously play the role which he is destined to play.

                     And  now  we  must  search  the  Scriptures  in  order  to  study  the  problem  of  the

                                                          *      *

                     By resurrection, the Bible means the reconstitution of human bodies before the last
                   Judgement, in order to unite them with the Souls that they sheathed .
                     One can find many allusions to this in different texts of the Old Testament . Artists
                   have  drawn  freely  on  this  subject  for  their  religious  paintings.  They  depict  men  with

                   bodies and souls appearing before the Sovereign Judge to hear the final verdict on their
                   fate. This vision is in perfect harmony with other declarations which tend to give us a

                   clearer picture . Such a conception is perfectly logical in itself. An immortal soul,

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