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                   a  divine  spark,  cannot  be  resurrected.  On  the  contrary,  a  return  to  life  is  only
                   conceivable for the flesh as we know it, through our senses . The Jews adopted diverse
                   attitudes  towards  this  problem.  We  know  that  the  Sadducees  did  not  believe  in

                   resurrection: for these rationalists, the soul perished with the body . It is important to
                   underline  that  the  orthodox  Jews  did  not  consider  this  point  of  view  a  heresy.  The

                   Sadducees  were  not  only  admitted  into  the  Synagogue,  but  were  trained  for  the
                   Priesthood .
                     For  those  who  did  not  share  the  Sadducean  conception,  the  resurrection  was  the

                   consequence  of  the  soul’s  immortality.  But  even  this  belief  was  not  anchored  firmly

                   enough to give it any dogmatic worth.
                     One can thus conclude that, at the time of Christ's advent, the Jews considered the

                   question of the resurrection as an object of scholastic debates, rather than a problem of

                     8  Ibid., t. V, p. 1063.
                       Joseph Flavius, Bell. jud., II, VIII, 14; Ant. jud. XVIII, 1, 4. The reader will understand easily
                   that the controversy between the Sadducees and the Pharisees, regarding the immortality of
                   the  soul,  sprang  from  the  confusion  of  ill-defined  notions  which  were  misunderstood  at  the
                   time. The soul-Personality perishes, indeed, with the body, if it does not attain the second Birth
                   during its lifetime; the SOUL, which is the Divine spark in man, his real I and the foundation of
                   the Individuality, being immortal, lives on after the physical death.
                        Dictionary of the Bible, op. cit., t. V, p. 1070.
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