Page 9 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   for the university education, it is in both cases, specialised.

                                                          *      *

                     It is generally admitted that one cannot try to enter the secondary school without
                   having  passed  successfully  through  elementary  school,  nor  try  to  go  to  university,

                   without having passed the secondary stage. These different degrees are responsible for

                   an automatic natural selection of persons apt to become active elements in the cultured

                   elite of human society. The same goes for the esoteric domain, at least, theoretically

                   speaking. In practice, one is often liable to come up against a curious phenomenon. For
                   example,  one  would  never  dream  of  discussing  the  properties  of  Newton's  binomial

                   without having some notion of algebra, lacking which, any theories on the subject can

                   only  be fallacious.  But  in  the  esoteric  domain, one  is  inclined,  too  often,  to  consider
                   oneself apt to judge without having even the rudiments of this sort of knowledge.

                     What  is  more,  we  demand  of  esoteric  teaching,  a  certain  simplicity  based  on  the

                   generally admitted principle that Truth in itself, should be simple. So we conclude that

                   access to the Truth should be simple also, and the method which leads us to it, easily

                   assimilable.  This  formula  is  perfectly  right  on  one  condition,  that  we  be  simple
                   ourselves, that is, just, in the sense of the New Testament. Unfortunately, we are not so,

                   because of the anarchy that reigns amidst our 987 little I’s. And there is a long road to

                   cover before we can shed our perverted and unruly condition, and attain that state of
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