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                   pierced  hands  and  side .  His  flesh  had,  therefore,  recovered  life  through  its
                   reintegration with the soul. Now, according to Saint Paul, Christ is the first fruits of them
                   that slept. He is the symbol of the resurrected, as Adam is that of the victims of death.

                   Man's flesh will, therefore, one day, meet with the same fate as Christ's flesh .
                     Even though the Jews, as we have just pointed out, had not the slightest idea of this

                   mode of resurrection, the Christians had absolutely no doubt about it. They knew that
                   God quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were .
                   They were convinced that He who raised up Christ from the dead, would also quicken

                   our mortal bodies by His Ghost that dwelleth in us .
                     Taking these texts as a basis, Theology advances the following theory: we know that
                   the elements of the human body are renewed constantly during this earthly existence. It

                   is possible that there is not a single common molecule between the body of an old man

                   and the one he had as a child. However, it is the same body, because it is the same soul

                   which  animates  it  and  which  holds  together  all  the  elements  associated  with  it.
                   Whatever the elements that compose the resurrected body, its identity will be ensured

                   by the presence of the Soul. And this transfigured body (as described by Saint Paul) will

                   be the same as the one of the earthly life, just as truly as the body at the old man is the

                   same as the one

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