Page 98 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   world government, capable of ensuring peace, has taken root and is growing. It made

                   itself felt, already, during the course of the XIXth century, with the Holy Alliance. It was

                   expressed,  in  a  rudimentary  form,  by  the  birth  and  expansion  of  international
                   organizations. Indeed, the latter are still weak and lacking in real power. But they are

                   the proof of an irreversible march forward. One can hardly conceive their dissolution.

                   Such as they are, they represent the embryo of what will be considered as the anima of
                   the social structure during the Cycle of the Holy Ghost . Their imperfection does not
                   subtract anything from their political and even esoteric importance. For, in the course of

                   development, this whole body of organizations will take on a new and true aspect and

                   the breath of spirituality will animate it. Thus, it will become a living soul, capable of

                   ruling over humanity, and organic life on Earth. This is how the Era of the Holy Ghost will
                   be definitely established, with all the consequences that this fact entails.

                                                          *      *

                     Now, let us come back to the question of the Resurrection, as it is portrayed in the

                   biblical texts. We have seen that the latter offer us symbols which may serve as a lead to

                   seekers, at the time when the problem will become of topical interest. It is easy to see


                         Ref.  t.  I,  p.  220  and  the following  in  French  original  version;  pp. 236-237  in  the  English
                   manuscript. Also Boris Mouravieff, The problem of super-state authority, La Baconnière, Paris /
                   Neuchâtel, 1950.
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