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                   conclusions  one  will  arrive  at,  if  one  interprets  literally  the  idea  of  a  general

                   Resurrection  of  the  bodies  of  all  the  human  beings  belonging  to  the  adamic  period.
                   However imprecise the basis on which one may found an estimation of the number of

                   human  beings  having  lived  on  Earth  during  this  period,  it  gives  us  an  idea  of  the

                   enormity of the figure. If we agree that the advent of adamic humanity coincided with

                   that of the homo sapiens recens, the latest anthropological findings inform us that this
                   advent may be traced back about fourteen thousand years. This will represent about

                   560 generations, if we base our calculations on four generations to the century. If we

                   say  that  the  population  of  the  globe,  for  the  entire  adamic  period,  averaged  one

                   hundred  million  inhabitants,  it  brings  us to the  astronomical  figure  of 56  milliards  of
                   human beings, which seems unthinkable.

                     When, therefore, one refers to a general resurrection, one does not mean that of all

                   the human bodies that have perished since God created Adam and made him a Living

                     But how is it that Jesus was not more precise about this subject in His teaching? The

                   explanation  may  be  that,  as  in  the  Old  Testament  days,  the  problem  of  the  general

                   Resurrection was not particularly pressing at His time and at the time when His Apostles

                   preached. The great problem, which was the object of Christ's mission, was to open the
                   door to the Cycle of the Son, and to help that section of human society that was the

                   most developed at
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