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                   It is the Way that leads the seeker from the jungle, of ignorance into the Light of Thabor.

                     Experience shows that, in practice, this doctrine of "simplicity", when accepted as an

                   axiom, causes the student to deviate from the strait door and the narrow way that lead
                   to Eternal Life . Urged on by this untruth, he imagines that he is in front of this door,
                   when, in reality, even though he is of perfect good faith, he is well on the broad way

                   that leads to perdition , ad majorem Diaboli gloriam, of course.
                     This doctrine of simplicity, right in itself, but wrongly interpreted, constitutes a snare

                   for our over-corrupted hearts - a danger which should be recognized and avoided.

                                                          *      *

                     We have already stated that the first volume of Gnosis contains only the elementary

                   esoteric teaching, according to the Oriental Orthodox Tradition. Yet, it has sometimes

                   been alleged that  Gnosis makes difficult reading. This remark is founded to a certain
                   extent, even though the text does not contain any special terminology. The fact is, that

                   the subject matter treated here is not simple; and one cannot logically expect to learn a

                   difficult subject without taking any pains. Other readers have remarked on the clarity of

                   the exposé. This apparent contradiction can be explained by the fact that the book is
                   addressed to a necessarily limited public, with a predisposition for esoteric cul-

                       Matt., VII, 13-14; Luke, XIII, 24.
                       Matt., VII, 13.
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