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                    Isaiah had forecast what the Mystery of Revelation and its consequences would be like:

                     The voice of him that crieth: in the wilderness,
                     Prepare ye the way of the Eternal,
                     Make straight in the desert
                     A highway for our God
                     Every valley shall be exalted
                     And every mountain and hill shall be made low
                     And the crooked shall be made straight
                     And the rough places plain .

                     Normally,  the  evolution  of  humanity,  during  the  Cycle  of  the  Son,  should  have

                   corresponded with the picture painted by the Prophet. If they had hearkened  to the

                   Voice that cried in the wilderness: a normal evolution would have followed because it
                   corresponded with the divine plan. But the active participation of the  chosen people

                   was necessary. This evolution was compromised by the Sanhedrin's resistance, passive

                   at first, then active, and finally ending with the crucifixion of Jesus.

                     Thus, instead of crossing over the second Threshold, the chosen people suffered a fall
                   and they dragged the whole of humanity en masse with them. About forty years after

                   the Saviour's death, Solomon's temple was destroyed and the dissemination of the Jews

                   began.  Due  to  the  failure  of  its  esoteric  pioneers,  humanity  has  been  marking  time

                   during the Cycle of the Son.

                                                          *      *

                        Isaiah, XL, 3-4.
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