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                                                    CHAPTER VI

                     If  we  still  have  reason  to  hope,  how  may  we  determine  the  conditions  for  the

                   realization of this hope?

                     In his first epistle to the Corinthians, St. Paul indicates the excellent Way and the best
                   gifts: Faith, Hope and Love .
                                                          *      *

                     The road that human beings and, finally, the whole of adamic humanity have to cover
                   on  this  Earth,  is  that  which  leads  from  the  Love  of  the  Absolute  III,  that  debris  of

                   heavenly  Love ,  to  the  Love  of  the  Absolute  II .  This  is  the  general  condition  for
                     This  thought  evokes  the  Way  that  leads  to  the  Resurrection   or  the  second  Birth.
                   Now, in order to be reborn, the last trial through which man must emerge triumphant is

                   that  of  true  Love .  Only  he  who  burns  with  this  Love  and  who  has  subjugated  his
                   Personality, may cross the second Threshold. However, before arriving at this point, the

                   faithful (fidel), sustained by the ardent desire for Salvation, must cover the intermediary
                   stages. He must prove his Faith and his Strength, a strength nourished by Hope. And

                   before acceding to Love, the neophyte must acquire Discernment. He cannot do this

                   before  reaching  the  stage  of  Knowledge  and  St.  Paul  refers  to  this  gnosis  when  he
                   describes the process in which each stage envelops and absorbs the stage or the stages

                   which precede it, and when he specifies that the passage from Hope to Love is marked

                   by the renewing

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