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                   general resurrection here. The Gospel refers to the latter in very general terms, as it is

                   not a pressing problem for the Cycle of the Son. The theme of the last Judgment that
                   appears in the Old Testament is repeated sometimes in the New. The dead will be raised

                   at a time which is always undetermined, together, all the just, or even all those who are

                   in  their  graves,  will  reappear  corporally  before  God's  Tribunal.  But  a  new  theme

                   appears: Christ's Advent is sometimes associated with this collective resurrection. Now,
                   in the context of Time, this advent coincides with the Cycle of the Holy Ghost.

                     This theme of the Advent of the Son of Man, which has been abundantly dealt with in

                   the New Testament, demands some annotations, if it is to be understood well. Let us

                   take a few examples that appear in the Gospel.
                     Chapter XXIV of the Gospel according to St. Matthew is consecrated entirely to this

                   subject. Some indications are particularly precise such as the following words spoken by


                     And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto
                   all nations. And then shall the end come .
                     This is a reference to the end of the "World". Every one agrees that humanity, today,

                   has reached a decisive turning in its history and that we are, indeed, at the end of a

                   chapter of the planet's evolution, of organic life, and of the human society. This opinion
                   is founded on numerous grounds, of which several have been examined during

                        Matthew, XXIV, 14.
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