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                   the time, to cross the threshold that materially and spiritually separated the Father's

                   domain and the Son's, whose kingdom, as Jesus explicitly says, is not of this world.

                     This declaration must be given its full significance. Let us repeat it: Christ's kingdom is
                   open to man after the second Birth or that of the Individuality, when, having acquired

                   the consciousness of his real I and by means of his higher centres, he enters into contact

                   with the Alliance of Love, or the Great Esoteric Brotherhood, and through that, with the
                   Kingdom of God and with the life of the Deuterocosmos, which, indeed, is not of this


                     Christ  was  faced  with  a  big  enough  problem,  due  to  His  Divine  mission,  without

                   having  to  give  rise  to  others  which  were  not  urgent  and  which  could  only  serve  to

                   complicate  an  already  difficult  task.  Above  all,  it  was  important  to  avoid  hurting
                   orthodox Jewish susceptibilities by a theoretical criticism of old texts, when Jesus’s work

                   was essentially practical in nature. We see the Master constantly preoccupied with the

                   task  of  appeasing  psychological  opposition  of  the  kind  that  Saint  Paul  felt  before  his
                   conversion. This is why Jesus took care to say to those who were bound to the letter of

                   the Scriptures and to the past, that He had come, not to destroy the Law, but to fulfil

                   it .
                                                          *      *

                     Although we have come to the conclusion that the gene-

                        Matthew, V, 17.
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