Page 102 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   cal death. How can one imagine the silence and inertness of this Soul before and after
                   an ephemeral terrestrial existence, when it is in the midst of a Cosmos where everything

                   vibrates,  when  it  is  surrounded  by  this  perpetual  throbbing  and  is  caught  up  in  this

                   movement  which  consciously  expresses  the  straining  towards  a  goal?  Whether  it

                   happens in the celestial empyrean or in the flames of hell, this immobilization of energy
                   appears paradoxal in a Universe where everything is founded on the interdependence of

                   the elements and on the economy of energy.

                     We  can,  therefore,  interpret  the  indications  to  be  found  in  the  Tradition  in  the

                   following manner: the general Resurrection, at the time of the last Judgment, does not
                   mean that milliards and milliards of Souls, each having been incarnated only once, will

                   recover their bodies; but that all the Souls attached to our planet will be incarnated in

                   the same generation. If we consider that a few milliards of Souls were incarnated and

                   return  to  Earth  periodically,  we  will  see  the  concept  of  a  general  Resurrection  in  an
                   entirely  new  light.  For  example,  we  will  be  able  to  understand  that  the  progressive

                   increase in the population of the globe represents, from an esoteric point of view, a step

                   towards this general Resurrection. When the few milliards of Souls attached to the Earth

                   will all be incarnated at the same time, it will be a sign that the era of the Holy Ghost
                   (spirit) has begun. It will be the advent of the heavenly Jerusalem, of the Kingdom which

                   is not of this "world" as we know it today, this world whose fashion
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