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                   to draw our Mixtus Orbis considerably closer to the Deuterocosmos.

                     At  this  point,  it  is  necessary  to  make  a  distinction  between  the  esoteric  and  the

                   scientifical significance of these events. Man has lost the capacity of being astonished,
                   of believing in the marvellous; he has kept only a blunt-edged intellectual curiosity. It is

                   more a feeling of vanity which is aroused in the majority of people, a feeling that leads

                   to  self-satisfaction,  that  slave  of  the  General  Law,  whose  efforts  tend  to  stem  moral
                   evolution. This same General Law makes man react against anything sudden or new,

                   renders him skeptical of the miraculous and instills in him hatred of those who try to

                   awaken  these  feelings:  Oh,  Jerusalem,  Jerusalem,  thou  that  killeth  the  prophets  and
                   stonest  them  which  are  sent  unto  thee,  said  Jesus .  The  reason  is  that,  especially  in

                   modern man, the gorging of the intellectual centre is responsible for an aggravation of
                   the critical sense  which, simultaneously, gives him the access to knowledge and limits
                   his aptitude to understand.

                     Knowledge is compatible with sleep but understanding consists of a lively curiosity
                   guided  by  intuition.  It  is  understanding  that  makes  one  act,  for,  being  a  positive

                   emotion, it surpasses immobility.

                     And again, it is understanding that is responsible for the anxiety that one feels when

                   one considers techni-

                     5  Matthew, XXIII, 37; Luke, XIII, 34.
                       Intellectual sector of the negative part of the intellectual Centre. Ref. T. I, pp. 44-45 French
                   original version; pp. 39-40, English manuscript.
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