Page 69 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 69


                   possible  only  by  the  sublimation  of  sex,  following  an  esoteric  evolution,  when  man

                   ceases to be the man without that he is today.
                     One must acknowledge, however, that the man without senses the transcendental

                   nature  of  the  Love  that  proceeds  from  the  Absolute  I  and  from  the  Absolute  II.  The

                   former reaches him in his awareness of existence. But he considers the beauty and life

                   that  fill  the  Universe  as  so  much  data,  as  facts,  instead  of  recognizing  them  as  a
                   prodigious gift, worthy of arousing his constant wonder and gratitude.

                     His  attitude  towards  the  Absolute  II  differs,  in  appearance  at  least.  Human

                   intelligence renders homage to the magnitude of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross. But, first

                   and foremost, man wishes to consider himself as a beneficiary of this immolation. Our
                   Lord appears essentially as a Saviour to him: salvation seems an acquired right.

                     These manifestations of Love on the higher planes
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