Page 70 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 70


                   remain outside the realm of reality for the I of the Personality.

                     The human Personality, ignoring the absolute gift it can make of itself, follows its own
                   aims.  In  neglecting the divine  side  of  human  nature  and  in trying to use  Love  for  its

                   egoistical purposes, it crucifies the Saviour every day. But these efforts are in vain and

                   lead inevitably to moral bankruptcy and Death.

                                                          *      *

                     In  the  following  Chapters  we  shall  study,  in  details,  certain  aspects  of  the

                   manifestations  of  Love,  the  noumenal  basis  on  which  the  phenomenal  edifice  of  the
                   entire Macrocosmos is founded; the force which penetrates the smallest organism of

                   the  Micro-microcosmos, from the virus to the spermatozoon.
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