Page 18 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   face . This constituted a sort of "safety-valve", more or less stifling the bestial instincts
                   in man by overwhelming him by the fatigue of daily toil.

                                                          *      *

                     As the material conditions prescribed for the new era will very soon be fulfilled, it
                   remains to assemble the appropriate conditions on the moral plane. But one does not

                   generally realize what these conditions can be. For here, as elsewhere, what is new is

                   unknown, in short, inconceivable. Today, as in the past, man walks blindly, unless he is

                   enlightened  -  as  in  olden  times  -  by  the  Revelation  handed  down  to  us  by  the  true

                     However, the inertia which is a characteristic of human thought, and the secular habit

                   man  has  of  referring  to  an  established  scale  of  values  by  giving  it  the  force  of  a

                   categorical  imperative,  renders  the  task  of  the  Prophets,  difficult,  thankless  and

                     Comfort,  the  watchword  of  Progress,  under  its  different  aspects  and  in  varying

                   degrees, suffices as a goal to the majority of the civilized men of our epoch. In these

                   conditions - which are ours at the moment  - man accepts divine values only in small
                   doses,  and  only  if  they  do  not  disturb  his  bourgeois  or  socialistic-communistic

                   conscience, or the material well-being he has acquired.

                     The danger in such an attitude lies in the fact that it is natural, and so, supported by

                   an elemental force. The law is explicit on this point. No man also ha-

                        Genesis, III, 19.
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