Page 23 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   dent can abandon his work at any moment to return to his secular interests. He will,

                   however, remain "intoxicated", for, participating in esoteric work progressively makes

                   the scales fall from his eyes. The colours of the external world take on a faded aspect,
                   and his previous scale of values is shaken to the core. — .

                     The  freedom  of  choice  and  initiative  demanded  of  the  seeker  involves  a  certain

                   danger; that of taking the false for the true, the impure for the pure, and falling into the
                   snare of the search for supernatural "powers", etc. However, an error committed by a

                   pure and fervent heart, consequently, a sincere error, is not a mortal danger in itself.

                   For  he  will  be  warned  in  time  even  if  he  persists  in  his  error.  The  case  of  St.  Paul,

                   converted on the road to Damascus, provides us with a probative example.

                     The real danger that can lead us to mortal sin, that is, a definite failure, manifests
                   itself when an impure heart tries to utilize supernatural psychic forces for selfish ends.

                   This is a quagmire from which there is no escape.

                                                          *      *

                     The latter point demands an explanation.

                     A  curious  phenomenon  often  takes  place,  in  the  human  mind  with  regards  to
                   generally  hermetic  theories  and  facts  belonging  to  the  esoteric  domain.  We  have

                   pointed  it  out  already  but  it  is  worth  the  trouble  to  re-examine  it  under  a  different


                     In matters regarding positive science, pure, moral,
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