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                   with a general idea of its growth and development.

                     We will remember that the notes LA, SOL, FA, of the lateral octave correspond to the
                   whole of organic life, of which each represents one of the three elements: man; fauna;

                   and flora. Together, they form a sort of transmitting station of cosmic energy, which fills

                   in  the  interval  between  FA  and  MI  of  the  Great  Octave,  and  thus  participate  in  the

                   normal development of our Ray of Creation.

                                                          *      *

                     The reader should understand the importance of the difference of meaning between
                   the words growth and development. It is time, now, to give a precise definition of these

                   two terms.

                     The creative process, in the most general sense, follows a descending scale: one may

                   recognize three consecutive stages here:
                     — all creation is conceived in the note DO. Then it is born, when it receives the first

                   impulse of the will and power of the Creator, which fills up the interval between DO and


                     —  then  begins  the  process  of  growth.  Normally,  it  goes  through  four  consecutive
                   stages, following the notes SI, LA, SOL and FA. The growing process comes to an end in

                   the note FA;

                     — creation is faced, then, with the following alternative: to develop in the notes MI

                   and RE, or to de-
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