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                   with  the  insufflated  Divine  grace,  the  more  clearly  did  they  realize  the  notion  of

                   economy  of  effort  which  accompanies  productive  work.  Then  followed  the  idea  of

                   advantage and of gain, which entered Eve's heart first and wounded it. It is here that we
                   find the Serpent's mark – the Serpent – which, according to the Bible, was more subtle

                   than any beast of the field .
                     This increasingly keen perception of the material world was embodied in man by the
                   formation of the lower intellectual centre, which the Book of Genesis calls the fruit of

                   the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil . Thus was accomplished the formation of the
                   human Personality as we know it.

                     However, the original purity of the lower emotive centre in the heart of Adam and

                   Eve,  became  clouded  after  the  birth  of  the  critical  spirit  which  accompanied  the
                   conception of greed. As Jesus said later: for where your treasure is, there will your heart

                   be also . In their pursuit of temporal assets, their lower emotive centre hardened. This
                   was how they lost the direct contact with their higher emotive centre that is, the real I,
                   the contact which made Adam and Eve children of God . The beauty of the daughters
                   of  men  did  the  rest .  Adam  turned  aside  from  his  real  I,  identified  himself  with  his
                   Personality, and thus, became mortal .
                     The Book of Genesis provides us with a metaphor which we have quoted already and

                   which denotes the birth of the critical spirit in man. It is said: after having

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