Page 56 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   It represents the feminine cosmic energy in our Ray of Creation and, just like Isis and

                   Aphrodite-Uranus, personifies Love in its reflected, passive, feminine form. It is the last

                   note of the descending scale  that  issues  from  the  Sun,  the  DO  of  the  lateral  octave,
                   fragment of the cosmic Christ, as star of the Macrocosmos. The Sun personifies Absolute

                   II in our Ray of Creation and lunar energy spreads by re-ascending over the length of the

                   Great  Octave  and  the  lateral  octave  simultaneously.  In  the  former,  it  represents  the
                   Mother of God, and in the lateral octave, the Queen of the Heavens, or Regina Astris:

                   these are the names attributed to the Virgin Mary in the liturgy.

                     The Moon is, therefore, the receptacle, the matrix which, in response to the energy of

                   Absolute  II,  gives  birth  to  the  different  elements  of  cosmic  life  all  along  our  Ray  of

                   Creation, that is, the beings pertaining to the three different kingdoms of organic life:
                   the latter comes, therefore, under the influence of the Sun-Moon polarity. The Moon's

                   passive  energy  proceeds  from  solar  energy.  It  reflects  the  latter,  but  this  operation

                   involves a transformation where its own nature intervenes and which gives the reflected
                   rays certain polar characteristics as compared with those they had at the outset.

                     The unfinished character of the  Tessaracosmos has been noted already in the first

                   volume of Gnosis, with the consequences this incompleteness entails for organic life in

                   general, and man, in particular. The Moon is not a living cosmic being yet, a fact which is

                   manifested by the absence of an atmosphere and a magnetic field. Unlike
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