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                   made  manifest.  As  for  the  Moon,  it  benefits,  moreover,  from  the  energy  proceeding

                   from the whole of organic life on Earth. Man has a prominent role to play here.

                                                          *      *

                     We have already noted the voluntary and conscious nature of human action in the
                   transformation  of  organic  life.  This  intervention  is  becoming  more  and  more

                   pronounced and widespread. If we had to represent the results obtained in this field by

                   a graph, the latter would resemble that of a geometrical progression. The rhythm of

                   production  is  advancing,  indeed,  at  an  accelerated  pace.  One  cannot  go  so  far  as  to

                   affirm that it coincides absolutely with the growth of the population when one considers
                   it by sectors. But one can state that, on the whole, it varies in the same proportions.

                   One would think that it was an answer to the apparent compression of Time, to which

                   we  have  referred  elsewhere.  From  the  qualitative  point  of  view,  it  is  necessary  to
                   emphasise  the  importance  of  the  selection  made  by  man  in  these  operations  of

                   elimination and transformation of fauna and flora: this selection conditions not only the

                   growth but also the development or refinement of organic life.

                     It  is  not  superfluous  to  delve  a  little  more  deeply  into  the  details  of  these

                   transformations of organic life. In doing so, we will be able to understand better the
                   connection they have with the completion of our Ray of Creation.

                     When organic life made its appearance on our planet, the only note that resounded

                   was the FA of the lateral
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