Page 79 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   The English revised version contains the following:

                     And abundance of peace so long as the Moon endureth.
                   Besides, many other texts refer to the future metamorphosis of the Sun and the Moon,

                   seen from the Earth. It is said that:
                     The Sun shall be turned into darkness and the Moon into blood...  These indications

                   have a symbolic meaning of course. In esoteric language, blood often signifies life.
                     According to Tradition, the solar system, in its entirety, SOL-FA-MI-RE of the Great

                   Octave and the totality of the lateral octave, plays the role of a nursery-garden in the

                   Ray of Creation and should produce new suns endowed with their planetary worlds. The

                   actual planets will become suns, their satellites will become planets and the asteroids
                   will form the satellites of the new systems.

                     The Moon will change from a satellite to a living planet when the notes  RE of the

                   Great Octave and of the lateral octave will resound fully. This can happen only when our

                   satellite  has  absorbed  a  sufficient  quantity  of  solar  energies  transformed  by  the
                   Tritocosmos and of such quality that an atmosphere may be created.

                     We have already seen one of the reasons for which the Moon presents always the

                   same face to the Earth. Here is another: due to its rotation on its own axis – rotation

                   which lasts about one month according to our earthly standards, — the entire surface of
                   the Moon is regularly illuminated by the Sun. On the other hand, radiations from the

                   Earth reach only a part of its surface about one hemi-

                       Acts, II, 20.                           Quoted after the Slavonic text, corresponding
                   with the Vulgate: Sol convertetur in tenebras et Luna in sanguinem.
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